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True love service: a loving tie
May 13, 2017

Civil Aviation Resource Network November 7, 2016 news: the evening of October 23, 2016 about 19:00, Shenzhen Airlines "travel" sunshine quality demonstration group informationist Wang Lei received a dispatch notice, in advance with the machine under the wheelchair and machine small wheelchair seats to guarantee. In the process of security that is wheelchair kids before the plane was injured and only had a simple dressing, from the aircraft seat on a wheelchair protect children sitting in the process, Wang Lei found the little friends because the new wound wound and met more afraid of crying, they patiently comfort their children.

Since a child's leg can not bend completely, someone must hold his leg flat in front of him in a wheelchair. Wang Lei worried that the child was injured the two time, looking at the child's pain so uncomfortable, Wang Lei's heart is not good. "How can you fix a good friend's leg?"" Wang Lei looked at the crutches that accompanied the family, so he thought of using crutches as props. Can live without a rope or strap can be fixed, Wang Lei to make a prompt decision off his uniform tie, and a circle carefully stick fixed on the bottom right of the wheelchair and worry, excellent touch support wound, will be brought in children following leg pad clothing. The way Wang Lei gingerly pushed the wheelchair, for fear of accidentally encountered a small friend wounds. At this time his greatest wish is to do everything possible to reduce child leg pain.

Wang Lei sent the mother and son to the cab and took the children to the back seat of the taxi. The children of the mother of Wang Lei so carefully try to treat their children expressed thanks to holding Wang Lei's hand to give him a tip, if only do express gratitude, Wang Lei smiled and refused to say: "this is what I should do".

A "Sunshine Tour" quality demonstration group every day at the Shenzhen Airport (000089, shares) protection of Shenzhen Airlines, Air China flights in the need to love, it is necessary to help the elderly, unaccompanied children, blind, deaf, sick passengers, passengers, passenger stretcher and other special groups of pregnant women. One, "brigade" sunshine quality demonstration group every day in the moving little things, it is such a small matter, let us serve every passenger can feel the warmth of the sun.

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