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Travel to the birth of a business tie
Aug 02, 2016

Behind the delicate are undoubtedly progressive layers of complex processes, business ties, making 11 processes. Cutting, picking, car horn, small hot, hot stamping, sewing, small trade mark climbs, pins, ironing, quality control, packaging inspection, 11 business ties each of craftsmen, such as Mage-like piece of fabric into a sophisticated business ties. To crop, for example, cutter according to the fabric cutting line, half-cyborg hand, tie pieces of fabric into a condom. Not only to cut fabric, lining, lining, Tau cut tie cloth. Then pick the teacher will check each piece of cloth one by one, the defective pieces to pick out, avoid impact on the finished product. Texture depends not only on work of business ties, depending on the fabric. Most of Hanson's business ties using silk and polyester fabric and silk fabric.

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