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Ties and improper use
Aug 02, 2016

1. common characteristics of three distribution methods have, can't say which one is wrong. A/contrast: white shirt and black suit, red tie, black shirt and white suit and yellow tie, progressive, open, dynamic and stylish. B/the same color: suits, shirts, tie of the same color, showing sophisticated sound, winning manners. C/Coordination: tie color and suit or shirt and matching color echoes, other color coordinated transition. Standard: basic principles the same color coordinated, and matched with the body. 1. anniversary, large parties, avoid wearing black ties. 2. attend the funeral, memorial services avoid wearing a red tie. 3. avoid wearing work occasions over business ties, superior quality professional ties. 4. negotiations avoid each other had an aversion to a color or a pattern of business ties. Standard: tie color and style to match the atmosphere, matched with his identity, preferences match with each other.

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