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Tie with the principle of basic color matching:
Dec 27, 2017

Tie with the principle of basic color matching:

This is the color on the color wheel. Such as red and green, blue and orange, color contrast matching can sometimes be received significant effect.

Approximate color: the color on the color wheel adjacent. Red with orange or purple red, yellow with grass green or orange yellow. The color matching is soft.

Same color: the same color, but different in depth and light and shade. The same color matches the softness and elegance. If the fabric is exquisite, it is noble.

Warm and cold color: the approximate color system includes warm color (red, orange, yellow), cold (green, blue, purple). Designers often love to construct themes with 2 or 3 related colors, and choose 2 warm colors and 1 colms or 2 cold and 1 warm colors to create dynamic harmony. It matches a tie like a sea blue suit, a light blue shirt, and a red tie with a blue striped streak.

Middle color: deep white, black and gray. For example, the beige card pairs of pants, white shirt and grey sweater match, although it looks not vivid, not open, but it is worth the aftertaste.

Seasonal color: a certain color is especially suitable for a season. For example, green for spring, blue for summer, rust, brown, wine red for autumn and so on.

Contrast: try 1 bright and 2 dark or 1 dark and 2 bright collocations. The brightness of visual illusion; the bright and dark look untitled bulge, have regressive effect, so people who wear bright, fat people wear darker look better.


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