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Tie recognition
Aug 26, 2017

Tie recognition

The quality of the tie quality, fundamentally speaking, does not depend on the style and brand, the surface depends on the material texture and work of the elegant.

There are three methods of material identification:

(1) Identification of related materials: 100% SILK 100%; 100% SILK 100%; 100% POLYESTERI00%; Polyester 100% DACRON.

(2) the difference between visual and feel: silk color moisturizing, soft, delicate touch; imitation silk: shiny shiny, diving, feel quite scratched polyester color quite dim, feel rough.

(3) the thickness of the difference between the material: silk to 14 - 16 m meters is better; imitation silk, polyester feel appropriate to feel better.

Work to identify five points:

1, the standard tie is made of three sections, the total length of 145cM, angle 45 bit position.

2, smooth surface, flower pattern clear, symmetrical;

3, the back seam vertical center;

4, the degree of consistency of the pattern of splicing;

5, the entire short band fabric color consistency or not.

Tie with the choice

Common with:

1, black suit, with silver gray, blue or red and white oblique tie, look solemn generous, calm and steady;

2, dark blue waking up, using blue. Deep rose color. Orange yellow, brown tie, look simple and generous, Su Jing high juvenile;

3, milky white suit, with rainbow or brown tie, it is very elegant, dazzling;

4, in the gray suit, with brick red. Green, yellow tone of the tie, the man has some fun;

5, beige suit with sea blue, brown tie, more able to star wind style, handsome.

Tie play and features:

Tie play the common preparation phase: the tie in the big head in the right, the small head in the left, the big head on the small head in the next, and the length of the big head about the length of the small head length of 3 times the cross in front of the neck.

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