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Tie knot is not standard
Aug 02, 2016

1. with the shirt collar don't deserve it, peaked lapel buttons, big eight brought little buckles, casual collar have a standard discount. 2. tie the knot is not full, is a play problem, the second is tie interfacing problems. 3. tie the knot is not in the middle of the shirt collar. Standard: ties to make a variety of buckle to match different shirt collar. Eight shirt David buckles should be used or standard deduction, selection of bottle-shaped ties, jacquard fabric or wool, lengthened about widening 10.2x148cm size, made to match the big chain or long chain suitable for tall people, making people feel the atmosphere, handsome, and domineering. Eight collar or collar shirt is now a more popular, together with the Wen Sha deduction standard deduction or squiggly buckles can be. Conventional tie 10x145cm, version of the bottle-shaped or straight. Small pointed collar shirt is one of the more popular a few years ago, distribution, suitable for short or single employees with career tie. Casual collar shirt and no tie, or with a rare tie, playing a casual knot, suitable for use when members of the arts community or a good mood to play.

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