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Tie: a vane of men's taste
May 13, 2017

Tie: a vane of men's taste

The bespoke customers of the Passaggio tie are the royal family, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Niger, all the Fiat Group, the prince of Arabia, the Emirates, and the Hollywood star. Gianni (Passaggio tie custom Division) a private dinner with members of the British royal family Ben Elliot met in London, Elliot Gianni was wearing a tie to attract, politely asked to tie the source, know Gianni is a custom division tie. Immediately, Elliot invited Gianni to measure his neck circumference and height for his second day in his office in central london.

The Passaggio custom tie most customers through word of mouth, or with Gianni in the high-end private party meeting. Gianni insists that no shops are set up in public places, and that only politicians and celebrities in the circle can get in touch with his services. Passaggio only wears 2000 ties each year, not only because of the precious and short supply of retro fabrics, but also to ensure that the final finished products are both aesthetic and practical, and also of high collection value.

The necktie is at least 400 years old and is said to have originated from the armies of the Empire of Rome. In 17 and eighteenth Century, ties were even a sign of distinction between nobles, gentry, and civilians. The French king Louis Xiv met ministers in the neck wearing a white scarf also played a beautiful tie, praised, publicly announced tie for the noble symbol, and ordered the upper class people are so dress up.

In the Passaggio tie custom studio, there is no finished product, and the customer is tailor-made from scratch. From the first step height, shoulder width, neck circumference, hip circumference, to finally get the tie finished, need two months time, procedures are finished by hand. Regular ties cost between 150 and 300 euros. For more demanding customers, names and designs can be embroidered with 24K gold threads - 80 euros for two letters and 100 for a family emblem for 150 euros. A customized Gianni tie is the most expensive for a Arabia wedding, with a rare lamb of this vintage fabric, only tie itself is worth 2000 euros, not including embroidery and other services.

Gianni's passion for ties came from the family atmosphere of his childhood. He was born in a tailor's family in southern Naples, Italy, where he was a tailor made tailor for local politicians. Since he was five or six years old, he began tinkering with the odd pieces of cloth left by grandpa's clothes, and at the age of 13 he sewed the first formal tie under grandpa's instructions. Later, the Gianni moved to Milan, where he continued making ties while working as a fashion editor for Vogue magazine. Until a few years ago, he specialized in Naples to study traditional Italy tie customization process, and returned to Milan to create the Passaggio studio. There are new friends among customers, as well as loyal customers who have been sewing ties for years. One of the business people who have known each other for years has made 100 Passaggio ties for his wedding.

"Passaggio tie is a young life, is a representative of Italy's emerging designers and custom tailor, but also our family 60 years custom process new extension."." Gianni says.

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