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There are so many styles of neckties. Which one is right for you?
Aug 02, 2017

There are so many styles of neckties. Which one is right for you?

Gejin goddess has a famous saying: "if your soul is strong enough (the formation of a certain style, whether this style is not modern, gregarious), then, whole body dress is indeed to be back by. But if you have no firm soul and no fixed style, their position in the social, will still be shaken by the criticism of others, or so quickly find you want to belong to class, and according to the dress code wear better, this is also convenient to facilitate their identification recognition by others."

Formal business communication plays in the color space is limited, and Cufflinks grandiose plans to let us be awkward toss also left a tie. Well, the problem is, there are so many styles of neckties. What is it that suits you?

Texture of material

Silk, of course! This highlights the texture of the small parts, or suggest that we buy a good.

Silk is classic, but also more formal and conservative. Knitted ties are handy for casual occasions or for younger ones.

Wool fabric tie is now very popular, especially woolen coat or suit collocation in the autumn and winter time, as long as the superior fabrics, formal and casual two correct, delicate but not stiff.


Thin Ma male classmate suggested playing fine tie (1.5 inches), and Trump so big or choose a wider tie.

I'm not skinny or fat. What should I do? 2.5 inches or 3 inches are more popular and well appointed.

And more than 3.5 inches of tie can only be used in retro match.


The length was very important, the best is just to cover the belt, if it is now relatively high waisted trousers slightly retro long trousers than some can be.

How to take

A color wheel, and color: click on the icon, the adjacent colors or color with different brightness (see float demonstration part) can be called as "harmonious collocation, color collocation". The relative colors on the wheel are of contrasting colors and must match the "contrasting and matching" principle".

Two, neutral color: black and white, gray silver, these colors are called "neutral color", which can be matched with any color, and will not destroy "harmonious color"". Neutral colors can be used to block between two contrasting colors, so as to avoid a strong sense of conflict. Such as: dark blue suit with red tie, white shirt barrier, it will avoid the direct contrast between the two colors uncomfortable. The following figure is a neutral color shirt with a coordinated color match.

Three, the coordination of color collocation: seem to have clear color trends, such as blue suit, blue shirt, blue twill tie, is not easy to make a mistake, that commonly used coordination matching method. Push to the suit for example: grey brown suit, pale yellow shirt, dark brown tie, close color pants and bright yellow leather shoes, leather bag, no problem (with the picture above is a color). The following is the color matching method demonstration: upper left, right and bottom for the coordination of color matching, and the rest of the contrast color match.

Four, the contrast color collocation contrast color collocation must follow: in a main color with contrasting color to stimulate, to avoid conflicts caused by the strong contrast color sense, method: A. with a neutral barrier in between the contrast color, contrast color of B. reduce chroma (saturation), C. main color area the huge, contrasting colors in the small scope, in order to avoid the contrast color without a sense of confusion of sense of priorities. Examples are shown in the following two diagrams:

Tip 1: as the theory is used in men's clothing, we must pay attention to reduce the saturation of the color (that is, dark or powder, not too bright.)

Tip 2: the above is only the basic theory, in terms of clothing, good, need to undergo special learning, exercise, in the male classical attire used, but also through the suit knowledge and etiquette culture training.

Tip 3: do not take the "three color theory" this kind of farmer theory seriously, that is Baidu know not as good level, cheat the student party is barely. (in other words, a farmer went into town and summed up a rule: "when the city people rest, they do not squat in the corner, and this TM is too tasteful."

Tip 4: color my views for reference only: social culture, women with different men, keeping the true color is better, clothing color can be ignored (the black color is a neutral color more without considering), unless you want to let a person feel your skin white or cool, or you are yellow or to improve the morbid white.

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