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The ten commandments of men's suits dress
Dec 13, 2017

The ten commandments of men's suits dress

1, usually outside the bag a suit is the joint (i.e., pocket) do not open at random, it can keep the suit shape, not easy to deformation.

2, the shirt must be clean, crisp, not dirty dirty collar and cuffs.

3. After a tie, do not touch the belt on the necktie.

4, if a tie, could never wear loafers.

5. The cuff mark of the suit must be cut off.

6, don't waist beeper, mobile phone, lighters and so on.

7, do not wear white socks, especially dark suits in the suit, before the taste is not yet repaired.

8. The opening of the shirt collar, the belt loop and the front opening of the trousers can not be skewed, and should be on the same line.

9, the black leather shoes can match any color of the dark suit, the brown leather shoes, except the same color, can not match the other colors.

10, if you want to keep the perfect prototype of the suit, do not dry clean more than two times in a season and try to find the dry cleaning shop as far as possible.

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