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Social etiquette notes: tie color stress
Feb 18, 2018

First of all, the tie is too long or too short, always indecent, the appropriate length of the tie for the tip of the tie just hit the belt buckle, but also according to height and tie method to adjust. Clamp a tie clip over the wider back end of the tie to avoid the embarrassment of turning the tie.

Tie with the most important skill is the color and pattern with a good grasp of tie color, a suit will produce several different with the effect.

Tie with the color to choose from the tie:

Tie always plays a leading role, because it is the most eye-catching part of the clothing. In general, you should first focus on the tie with the suit jacket. To more stress point of view, the color of the shirt should be the basic color tie.

Choose a tie, choose shirt again:

Once you determine the tie and shirt with a good choice of shirt is the hand to catch it. In general, the color of the shirt should match one of the secondary colors on the tie.


In general, the pattern on the tie should be more prominent than the shirt. Sometimes, you can choose the shirt and the tie that are very vivid. However, do not over-shirt the pattern on the tie. Tie color is very important.

Wedding color match:

Conventional tie colors can be divided into light color, dark color or bright color, dark color and so on. In the grand wedding, the groom usually choose black, blue, gray, white suit, the couple's tie color can choose a little high-profile a little saturated color, such as red, green and blue and other positive colors, are common wedding colour. Red feels festive, hot, loving; green vitality, long, peaceful feeling; blue subtle, elegant and deep ... ... Popular with

Nowadays, it is very popular in clothing with monochromatic shades of color. If you want a trendy, try the same tone of shirts and ties. In this mix, the color of the tie should be darker than the color of the shirt, but they can also be exactly the same color.

Classic match:

Eternal fashion with a white or light blue shirt with a monochrome or bright pattern of the tie. This is the color of a tie that is never outdated, and is perfect for any occasion.


In clothing with the way, simple always please. If you are not confident in the grade of your choice of tie, do not try to be unconventional. You know, most men do not feel good about the patterns. Not only that, you never know what kind of disgust you may have caused by your "unusual" taste. To some extent, the shirt-and-tie arrangement also reflects your level of sophistication in person.

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