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Selection and maintenance of suit
Dec 13, 2017

Selection and maintenance of suit

Suit is one of the first choice costumes for formal social occasions. Unified male suit fabric, color and above (called two sets) and with the same fabric vest (called three sets) was the most common. More casual occasions, but also can not be worn. Men's suits are flat collar, closure collar and collar of several other crab claws, a predecessor of the main single row one button, two buttons, four buttons, six row button etc.. Female suit flat collar, closure collar is relatively common. The suit to wear requirements without reason and frequent washing, suit by high-grade wool fabric, wool or wool fabric, with sweat wet artificial silk folder, and to maintain good air permeability, hemp fabric shoulder or chest lining. Female flower, worsted suit for female clothes, Prince and Hua Dane are making fabric. Besides paying attention to the quality of the fabric, we should pay attention to the following points.

The working quality of the 1. suits is mainly reflected in several positions of the collar, shoulder and front chest. The first collar should be very smooth, not wrinkled or drum lining, collar can not be excessive, to straighten the neck collar lining when exposed in 1 ~ 2cm is appropriate. The collar shape should be symmetrical crisp.

2 cuff length should be between wrist and thumb, hand stretch can show when undersleeve 3 ~ 4cm. The upper garment should be slightly tight, and the armpit should be slightly tight when the arm is lifted. The suit vest is buckled with the button to fit the fit.

The crotch of the 3 suit pants can not be taken too much, and it feels smooth and comfortable when you stand up again. The length of the pants should be a little longer than the other casual ones.

4 male suit color black, dark blue, which composed of dark gray, easy wearing is optional, bright or shallow, lattice suit.

The color of a woman's suit is much more extensive. The most expensive Western-style clothes should be dry cleaned at professional laundry. When they are washed at home, they can be washed with organic solvents or dry cleaners, and then dry repeatedly with white towels. At last, wash it with a small amount of water and then scald it again.

Suit: a clean and dark suit is best prepared for 32 sets. But the "bright bag" is only suitable for wearing in a more casual situation.

Shirt: collar and cuffs can not be stained with stains, must be washed clean, ironed straight is look comfortable. The long sleeved shirt with pure white ribbon and blue stripes can't be less.

Tie: the color harmonize, blue, gray and red is more easy to match the suit.

Belt: a dark suit with a dark belt, and a light suit with a belt. But the jeans can not be fitted with a suit.

Shoes: black leather shoes can be matched with any dark suit, but grey shoes are not suitable for dark suits. Light colored shoes can only be equipped with light colored suits, and can't be equipped with dark suits. Lacquer shoes are suitable for dress only. Please note: shoes polished, smooth, easy to give a good, dirty shoes should not be put in good taste the most.

Socks: do not have short length. Dark or light colored suits can be matched with dark colored socks; light colored socks can be made with a light suit, but it is not suitable for a dark suit. It is difficult to match the white socks with clothes, and should think twice when they wear them.

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