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Reheat has to endure! Why don't pony brothers wear loose ties?
Nov 16, 2017

Reheat has to endure! Why don't pony brothers wear loose ties?

French President Emmanuel Mucklow visited the Caribbean island Eyre hit by Hurricane Saint Martin last week to inspect the disaster situation. However, his dress has caused controversy: a white shirt with a black tie tight rein, sleeves rolled up only slightly, and the disaster canyuanduanbi, sultry some misfits.

Take the horse cron and contrast The Associated Press Holland's King William - Alexander also visited the disaster area. The latter wearing a khaki shirt, sleeves rolled to the elbow, and no tie.

Jamil Dahlia believes that experts of political communication in the Sorbonne University in Paris, William Alexander's throne is inherited, no need to reflect their own identity in the image. In France, Ma's qualification as president has been questioned, many people think he is too young, lack of real political capital".

Dah Leah said, therefore, Ma cron is always in Western dress and leather shoes. When he visited the disaster area, he took off his suit coat. I was most surprised by that".

Ma, 39 years old, was an investment man, and became the youngest president of France in the last 60 years in May. Despite the decline in public opinion support since taking office, Ma is still trying to lead an emerging centrist party to reform France's almost sacrosanct labor law.

The Associated Press says that as a figure trying to change the French political tradition, Ma Kelong has always followed the dress code that is best to wear dark ties in social etiquette. He knows the burden on his shoulders, starts with a shirt and tie, and even abandons the occasion of elegance.

The horse cron candidate, a dress, a person at the factory to persuade unemployment, angry workers; he was elected president, in order to promote Paris's bid for the 2024 Olympic Games, with the disabled wheelchair tennis shirt, tie, or "standard".

The horse often worn on the cron investment banking ties with him when conversion identity change, as president, tie color deeper and narrower. Dah Leah believes that Ma's "adventure" loosened the tie as a result of being viewed as trying to be close to the public".

Ma cron is scheduled for 18 in New York for the first time to attend the general assembly of the United Nations, will no doubt choose to wear a narrow dark tie. Donald Tran, the American president he's meeting with, loves long ties and he often wears red or blue ties.

People usually think that the neck strap tie in seventeenth Century Croatia mercenaries collar on a variety of colors, and then developed and popular.  The 1789 Revolution ended the French monarchy, the president in power, "but it is necessary to clear signs of orthodoxy," gella said, "must tie".

Today, reporters at the French president's necktie, strengths and weaknesses of this interpretation of the owner of the elysee. The previous president Francois Hollande for a tie is Tucao experience might give the horse a Cron lesson.

In the eyes of the French media, Hollande always tie wrinkled, a French website dedicated to him every public travel tie points. In 2012, the G8 summit was held in camp David, and Hollande was the only leader to wear a tie. As the host, then president Barack Obama joked, "Francois, we said, you can tie the tie."".

Hollande replied: "no, this is" to report my media reporter playing".

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