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Norms of daily communication dress etiquette
Oct 26, 2017

Norms of daily communication dress etiquette

Dress and makeup

The role of clothing in communication etiquette activities can not be ignored. Clothing generally includes clothing, ties, hats, handbags, necklaces and so on. Communication etiquette, only limited to the behavior of politeness is not enough, but also pay attention to clothing etiquette, in different occasions with different costumes, will leave a good impression. Clothing can reflect people's internal pursuit, style, demeanor, temperament.

A man looks at his clothes, a horse looks at his saddle". If you can match the style of clothing, it is elegant and civilized. On the other hand, wearing a careless, untidy, will put people off.

The shape of a person varies greatly, so the effect of the same garment on people of different shapes is quite different.

Tall and thin people should choose a little thicker fabric, which will appear more plump, spiritual, and avoid the dark dark shrinkage color.

Body obesity, clothing fabric is too thick or too thin, should choose suitable thickness, soft and crisp fabric clothing, and avoid wearing a big flower, striped, checkered clothing, or body size will be even more width. The fat lady, fold the fabric should not be used to make clothes, is not suitable to wear sleeveless blouse or dress, it is best not to wear skirt, skirt, skirt suit is more appropriate.

Wearing clothes must pay attention to occasions, otherwise, originally very beautiful clothing, but also because of its uncomfortable occasions and greatly inferior, and even make people feel disgusted.

In public places, not empty knitted underwear, tight underwear or pajamas, robe. When women wear skirts with narrow or longer knee length, don't stand up in front of people.

The proper collocation of clothing color can make people produce aesthetic feeling through illusion. Such as light expansion, can make people look fat; and dark shrinkage, can make people look thin.

Clothing color and skin color is also related, such as yellow skin people should avoid blue, purple, Zhu Hong and other colors, because this kind of color and skin contrast, will make the skin more yellow. Skin black people should not choose black, dark brown, red and other colors; red faced people should avoid green, and white is almost suitable for anyone.

There is no beautiful color, only the beautiful collocation, clothing color collocation has certain aesthetic requirements. Therefore, in the choice of clothing color, should be based on their own characteristics to choose. Color harmonious clothing can make people in front of the public reflects their psychological pursuit and spiritual outlook.

The color harmony of shirt and tie will give people a sense of beauty. In general, white, light colored striped or plaid fabrics fit into suits. Wearing coarse tweed or casual clothing, the shirt patterns can be rough. Formal occasions require good ties, and informal ties are impolite. To wear a suit must wear a tie, because the tie is a part of the suit, the beauty of the suit plays an important role in embellishment. Who wore a collar shirt in formal activities must be a tie. Wear knitting mock turtlenecks or shirt should not tie.

Tie is an important part of suit, and there are many varieties of colors. It requires matching with suit, including the reasonable choice of shirt. If the coat is a bright plaid, the tie should avoid stripe or big flower, which is suitable for the pure floret pattern; if the coat is coarse plaid, the tie color should be in harmony with a certain hue of the plaid pattern. Generally speaking, suitable tie designs with a plain shirt without pattern.

Generally speaking, the color of shoes and clothing colors should contrast the general situation should be a simple and elegant and dignified, decent and elegant black leather shoes. Should not wear fancy clothes, wearing black shoes. Funeral at marriage life, even if the coat and tie can be omitted, but the shoes can not be brown and black tea should be, this is a kind of social etiquette.

Socks have the function of connecting trousers and shoes, and should be coordinated with pants and shoes. Black leather shoes should be equipped with dark socks. Sedate black suit trousers and bright shoes, if equipped with uncoordinated fancy color socks or socks, it will give rise to disorder, disorder of feeling. When men sit down to avoid exposing their legs, wear black or dark blue opaque stockings. MS may appropriately bright color of socks, if the social activities to participate in a solemn plain stockings should be worn to prevent skin exposed legs, but can not go barefoot in summer sandals.

Silver and gold, pearls, precious stones crafted necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, top accessories is very important for women. It allows people to show the elegant, luxurious luxuriant, as long as their status and activities, have helped win public favor.

A fashionable fashion, matched with other appropriate accessories, can play an important role, such as hats, scarves, belts, handkerchiefs, brooches, glasses, handbags etc..

Scarves and hats have a great impact on the overall clothing, in winter, it is particularly important to decorate colors. If the color of the dress is dim, the color of the scarf and hat can be more colorful. If more colorful clothes, scarves and hats worn by some to elegant. Men should not wear gloves and hats indoors at any time.

Handbags are generally required to be matched with clothing. At the same time also selected according to the season, such as summer bag should be small, appear relaxed and refreshing.

A handkerchief is also a decoration. A handkerchief with a certain shape in the left chest pocket of the suit can add charm.

Hair style is an important part of appearance, and it is the combination of natural beauty and decorative beauty with human body.

Hairstyle should be chosen according to the face, the human face has a variety of shapes, elliptical shape is more perfect, other facial shapes need to use appropriate hairstyle to Jiao jiao. If the lady is a square face available dual fancy hair cover to both sides of the wide forehead, if long face by Liu Haizhe to some of the high hairline. More stout body can comb plate or braided bun, because it can make people look up the neck and increase the feeling of height. If the neck is thin and long, the shawl style should be chosen. Man's hair should not be crossed or blocked on both sides of the hair. Not long back hair and collar, but also does not leave large sideburns, no hair or fluffy hair, also should not use heavy flavor hair cream.

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