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Misconception of men's suit
Dec 13, 2017

Misconception of men's suit

Suit is the necessary clothing for men. It can make you look more confident and tidy. But many men have different misconceptions in their clothing, which makes the overall image greatly reduced.

Wear a suit with a white shirt and not tie a tie.

Because of wearing a suit with a white shirt is the most formal wear, so if you don't tie it, will give people a very casual, very careless about dressing feeling.

And the white shirt has no pattern, is more monotonous, let the people always feel less.

If you do not want to tie a tie or really have no time, you can have three choices:

A. changed the collar of a white shirt with a wider collar, and a trendy look came out, but the suit in the outside had to be dark.

B. can wear a dark shirt with stripes or checker as the first choice, so that the feeling will not be monotonous, and there is a lean effect;

C. with a high neck sweater suit is the most secure accessories, more color, easy collocation;

Coloring with colors -

A formal dress: suits, shirts, the tie, trousers, color trousers is relatively easy, as long as you choose something such as: blue, black, beige, all-match deep color is OK, but if you want to suit, shirt, tie three collocation well a bit more difficult.

This paper introduces a method of the most secure tie here: not too flower, dark gray to white shirt is appropriate, is the safest way to suit, dark color, not between the three is too large, as is the same colored lines, so that the overall look will be comfortable.


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