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Men have been worried about that: how do shirts wear?
Dec 19, 2017

Men have been worried about that: how do shirts wear?

The jacket is two under the bag to hold relaxed, soft, thin things, such as paper towels like, must not be installed to give people a cowardly bulging, beat the feeling. The upper left chest bag is also called a handkerchief bag. It is specially inserted in the decorative handkerchief. It can also be put in some thick, hard like card clips, so as to make the chest appear plump and flat. The jacket bags can be used to put the important documents, vouchers and pens, some coat and straight mouth inside the bag, put on special glasses, vest on the four pockets for small items such as rings, expensive, lighter, do not like that vests packed, too dull.

Trousers about heating and put in pocket as cigarette thick hard things. The trousers on the right there is a watch on fob. Two trousers after the bag, the right to put a handkerchief, a button left after the bag is used to put the wallet, Notepad or something.

Today, men's shirts have also become colourful with many popular elements, no longer a former dull face. Crepelinen soft linen shirt so that men become more comfortable and soft, white, beige, light gray, blue and yellow......  Create a colorful fashion man world. Men have committed a worry: how to wear the shirt? Social occasions men or men at work to shape the elegant, solemn, easy-going own image, it should choose the texture of sophisticated workmanship, neutral color shirt, and those soft, colorful, personalized shirts should be unveiled in leisure occasion.

Don't forget when you wear shirt with khaki cloth, canvas etc. the same leisure style of pants and shoes, you can choose the color.

Black and yellow skin people wear green, gray shirt will appear darker and more yellow will cause some dirty feeling; fair skinned people wearing beautiful shirt can foil very white skin, but it will often make men appear too feminine, lack of masculinity, which is in the tide in the summer fashion.

Fat people wear small square collar type shirt will appear somewhat rigid, local, should choose the big collar type shirt with sharp point is more suitable.

Tall and dignified people wear shirts that don't have to choose a shirt with a decorative button on that collar, although it is now in fashion.

When you wear a flower shirt, you must avoid bringing lots of gold and silver jewelry. People used to think you were an Nanyang customer, but now you may think this is a small upstart who sells stalls. Of course, with so many rules, you still have no confidence in the match between the inside and outside, and the upper and lower garments.

To be a decent man: Men's clothes and dressing styles need to know that the color collage dress, whether black or white or light, is an innovative work and must be carefully judged.

A cowboy style wool material clothing, can bring a surprise for the plain dress pattern, but not deliberately with cowboy boots, hat or shirt. Large belt buckle is the trend of taboo, unless you are worthy of the name of the cowboy.

Those styles of amazing tie, really shameful, don't take the impact of the city streets.

Clothes do not fit suit only will have the opposite effect to your appearance; by such suit "uniforms" should not be the same.

A manual fine suit, including hard buttons, hand sewing collar, starched collar, canvas lining and soft and easy to wash clothes, it can let you in twelve hours is still not willing to take off.

Manners should be avoided, while walking around, hands in pockets, and get the bag change, not very beautiful.

Even if you have the ability to purchase a series of golf clubs, it does not mean you have to wear a necessity of old-fashioned golf clothes, the two are not complementary.

Hot days for clothing materials: lightweight wool, cotton, nylon and Pinstripe thin fabric.

Thin striped fabric: not more than fifty, or lack of a equivalent, should not be worn.

No matter from any background, in which the occupation, each man must have at least one tie, and black is the most typical; of course, can have a series of different styles of silk tie is more ideal: two heavy color, a few stripes, or even one or two of the most famous decent tie. There is a popular saying in Moscow that every time you see the necktie, you should buy it immediately and don't hesitate.

The two NYSE suits have to be buckled to the highest one; and the three knob is buckled in the middle or between the middle and the highest.

A man, unless he is six years old or less, is better not to wear a worker's pants.

Usually a bag is stitched. Do not dismantle them at will, because they can keep the shape of the suit and make it not easy to deform.

Unless you are the Elvis Presley hundred-percent, otherwise do not leave his patent this hairstyle, it would be too bold, even if you want to stay, length should not overdo sth.. What about the horsetail? A good - looking man is limited, or think twice.

A mature man with a little taste is exempt from the T-shirt with signs or warning words.

The top of the shoe is best to keep bright, otherwise it will be the chief culprit to destroy the grade.

On appropriate occasions, some hairdressing supplies can not be avoided; but in the leisure time, don't let the head wax, setting water limitation image, should try the natural uninhibited.

Tasteful clothes to fit to. That shirt is too small, topped with a tie, then the full eleven intestinal wax.

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