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Man your shirt collar type reflects your personality
Dec 19, 2017

Man your shirt collar type reflects your personality

A shirt is the best reflection of a man's personality and taste.

The leader, the professional length and the open angle, is called the "gentle" collar, which is called the standard collar. This shirt is commonly used in business activities, and its color is mainly monochrome and white. It is the most common and the most common style, but it is also the most difficult to match and the most fastidious tie design shirt. Ferre, a master of fashion, once said, "a shirt is a symbol of the status of a man, and it can also reflect his own personality, but don't wear white." Because in Europe, can truly reflect the identity of the color of a shirt is yellow, pink and pure blue. Different colors of shirts also represent different positions. Chinese men are used to wearing white shirts, but they are in fact one of the least personality. People who love white shirts are never refined, they do things conservatively, not to break through, but to be smooth. The same suit shirt, blue or elegant color fabric, grade and grade immediately get the promotion. If a man often wears such a shirt in the office, it shows that his abilities and tastes are first-rate. He may be a little picky, but he is absolutely polite and romantic.

Harmonia collar - grade white collar plain or striped shirt cuffs also made some white collar type is a standard collar or open collar, collar tip shape a lot, usually rounded, very and Paisley swirl. The men who choose the collars must pay attention to coordination in the collocation, or they will be classified as "no taste".

Button collar -- traditional type collar seam has provided new tie, from New York through the collar of a shirt collar, fastened tie structure emphasis on rigorous, emphasize the stereo image and wearing the collar shirt and tie to be played and played some small, usually play tight summary, but must not be free to play loose tie, collar is appropriate. With the button collar matching tie pattern of traditional conservative, fine warm stripes or British striped fabric is the best of this shirt.

Open collar - the collar between the angle of the romantic collar and the angle between 120 degrees and 180 degrees. This type is also called "Windsor" collar or "French" collar. It is said that the Duke of Windsor, who did not love the beautiful people of the river, loved the necktie. The tie tie was called "Windsor tie" and the tie was wide. In the new century, the return of romantic trend is again popular. However, a small "quasi Windsor knot" that matches it is reflected in recent years' exquisite modern trend of thought in retro.

Button collar - motion collar tip is fixed to the body with buttons. It is a sport shirt. It is the only collar type in all shirts that do not require slurry. The typical American style is natural, comfortable and convenient.

This type of collar for leisure lattice shirt, such as cowboy shirts with plaid or polka dot pattern, the fabric used in the general structure of the cotton fabric or Oxford spinning, but there are also some business shirt with buttons, to fix the tie, so the best matching node and fine silk necktie, fine tie one circle is preferred.

Long neck - collar are slender sharp lines, simple decency, has the characteristics of the new century clothing diversification, are critical of the tie point, not abstract, a cartoon, slightly colored stripes for printing, classical type...... It is especially suitable for the latest popular narrow barge two - grain buckle suit coat, which is very fashionable and restrained. It is very suitable for the urban white-collar who is not happy.

Skillfully mask the charm men's clothing and body style matching clothes style, color on the shape can have an impact, it decorates and beautifies all types of body. When choosing all kinds of clothing, you need to stand in front of the whole body and pay attention to your body. The proportion of your shoulder to the hips, your waist height, etc. Once you know your body, you can not only mask the flaws in your clothes and your own, but also improve your mental outlook. In the daily life, the standard type of people after all, after all, the matching purpose of clothing and shape is to achieve a perfect impression by visual illusion. By modifying the shape, pattern, color of your clothes, the whole looks beautiful. If you adjust your clothes, you can visually extend your shorter legs or reduce some protruding buttocks, or widen the narrow shoulders.

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