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How to tie a tie?
Jul 29, 2017

How to tie a tie?

The tie is professional men and good partners, a nice tie can give the whole dress up a big plus. In fact, shirt tie match knowledge is also very large. To collocation appropriately, really need to spend some time metrosexual man.

Young people should choose flowers lively, strong color tie, to increase user vitality; for older people, should choose flowers solemn; while women should use plain ties.

At the same time, attention should be paid to the coordination of shirts and neckties, and attention should also be paid to the coordination of shirt and tie color matching, so as to increase the elegance, elegance and charm.

Silver white suit, red tie collocation should be more eye-catching chic; red, purple suit with milk white collar with elegant and luxurious; dark blue, dark green, yellow rose colored suit and tie that deep and subtle temperament; brown, dark green suit and blue tie Scbd show elegant temperament.

Wearing a silver grey, white suit, wearing red, green, blue, brown, Zhu Hong, black tie, will give people a quiet, beautiful, charming feeling.

Wear red and purple red suit, wearing white, gray, blue, yellow, green tie, to show a kind of elegant and luxurious effect.

Wear dark blue, dark green suit, wearing orange, white, light blue, rose colored tie, so wear will give people a deep, subtle beauty.

Wearing a brown, dark green suit, wearing blue, yellow, orange and yellow tie, will show a delicate and elegant demeanor.

Dressed in black, brown suit, wearing silver grey, milky white, blue, red or blue black white stripe striped tie, it would be more dignified and generous.

Business men are most often used to wear a shirt tie tie suit, no matter where they do not lose grace, loved by people in all fields. Variety of shirts are tie shirt is the most intimate friends, only know how to use different methods in different situations of the shirt and tie collocation, use of color, the collision between the lines of the portfolio to reflect the essence of your collocation, in order to reflect the overall style of your personal achievement, the quality of man.

The tie of shirt and tie is a knowledge, if collocation is wrong, it is possible to destroy whole feeling, but if collocation is clever, can catch the eye of everybody, and appear oneself ingenuity. Tie is always the leading factor, because it is the most eye-catching part of clothing. In general, one should first concentrate on the tie and the jacket of the suit. In a more elaborate way, the color of the coat should be the base color of the tie.

The white shirt in every man are very good, suitable for various occasions, and not out of date, so every man should prepare at least a white shirt can change it, and a variety of lively colors or patterns of bold tie collocation are good. The timeless fashion is a white or light blue shirt with a monochrome or brightly patterned tie. It's a never ending collocation.

In the dress collocation way, simple forever please. If you don't feel so confident about your choice of neckties, don't try to innovate your icons. You know, most men don't feel very good about patterns. Not only that, you never know how different your taste is, and what you might dislike. The tie of shirt and tie reflects the sophistication of your manners to some extent.

Every man should have at least one shirt in white or light blue. In the tie, there is at least one pure blue or Wine red tie for use during the day, should also have a silk jacquard tie or black tie for attending a formal dinner time for using neckties.

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