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How to Take Care of Your Silk Neckties
Sep 23, 2017

How to Take Care of Your Silk Neckties

Silk ties add unquestionable elegance and luxury to any formal event, but it can be very delicate to handle. Preserve your silk and follow these tips for long-lasting neck wear:

1. When storing your silks, always hang them untied from a tie rack or neatly rolled up in a storage case to prevent wrinkles.

2. For traveling gents, a tie storage case is the perfect travel buddy, but you can also hang them untied inside your garment bag. Remove the tie from the bag or storage case and hang the tie straight overnight to get rid of any stubborn wrinkles.

3. Ironing your silk tie is not recommended but if you must, you can place a damp towel beneath and over the tie using the lowest temperature setting on your iron. Using a clothes steamer is preferred, or just hang your tie in the bathroom when taking a hot shower for a resourceful way to  gently release wrinkles.

4. If you have a loose or snagged thread on the edge or your silk tie, do not cut or pull the thread because this will cause the tie to pucker and possibly damage the tie. Leading style forums suggest that you singe the thread using a lighter, waving it gently back and forth until it's gone.

5. Unless your dry cleaner is experienced in handling silk ties, it's generally not a good idea to dry clean them. When confronted with a small food stain, use a little water and keep blotting until it's dry. Or, the addition of a tie bar can help keep your tie and your lunch unacquainted.

When Should You Wear A Silk Tie?

Silk ties no longer only define the elegance of an event, but are now a staple of the everyday modern man. Solid silk neckties make the perfect wedding ties as they can be accompanied with matching pocket squares. Striped and novelty pattern silk neckties can be worn at a casual weekend outing or at the office to maintain a professional look while adding a touch of personality.

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