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How to maintain and clean the silk tie?
Aug 17, 2017

How to maintain and clean the silk tie?

As an age of business in twenty-first Century, every man must have the need to wear a tie. What follows is how to maintain the silk tie How do you wash it to keep it the way it is?

Daily maintenance of tie

High-grade tie in natural silk and rayon, with several more easy deformation, this time to pay special attention to maintenance; medium and low-grade printing tie for pigment is poor, the pattern, the color is easy for washing or soaking appear mutual penetration, staggered lead staining. Therefore, when the tie is used properly, it should be hung on the clothes hanger immediately so that it can sweat naturally when it is ventilated. The washing of the entire tie is best sent to the laundry dry cleaning, and must not be thrown into the washing machine to wash, so as not to tie deformation. Local stains can be carefully washed or cleaned with soiled oil, and then dried or ironed naturally.

Two, tie storage

If short-term don't tie, it should be easy to roll into a roll, placed in a dresser drawer, and then placed beside the wrap of camphor.

Three, tie cleaning

Tie after a period of time, easy to get dirty, do not wash under seaman and put in the washing machine washing, should be sent to dry cleaners, please master professional laundry cleaning, otherwise it will shrink and fade, produce wrinkled feeling. If it's not dirty, you can do it yourself. One is wetcleaning. Place the generals on a paper template, scrub with soft brush or foam with a small amount of diluted detergent, then wipe off the foam with a dry towel and scrub with a clean wet towel. Two is dry cleaning. The soft brush dipped in a little gasoline, along the latitude and longitude lines tie fabric brush stains, the gasoline volatilizes, with a clean wet towel to wipe a few times.

Four, tie drying

With a thin sponge pad gripping mouth drying, avoid wrinkling shape, silk fabrics.


Five, tie ironing

Tie after cleaning, both sides of the edge in the inner part of the necktie put curly paper stick, this edge will not burn dead fold, and lined a piece of cloth on a tie, with an electric iron ironing fold to around it, cinema in all parts of the natural, at the same time to control the temperature and speed of ironing. Usually silk and chemical fiber, blended fabrics need ironing temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, wool fabric can be controlled at 180 degrees Celsius below, but tie in ironing should be used at low temperature, 70 degrees Celsius is better. The woolen tie needs to be covered with white cloth, and then ironed with a steam function. A silk tie is used to prevent the appearance of the aurora and yellow spots when ironing. The ironing speed can be accelerated.

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