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how to keep your silk tie always new
Aug 26, 2016

Every men need ties, especially for business men. Silk tie is the best choice for you. Now let's introduce the good way to keep silk tie always new.


After use silk tie,best way is hang it on the hanger and put tie on the ventilated place but do not expose on sun. If need wash silk tie,pls take it to dry cleaner.


If do not need use silk tie some time later, pls roll up yuor tie and put it with mothball.


Let's talk about how to iron your silk tie.

Before you iron silk tie, pls put a white,soft and thin fabric on the tie, and control the speed and temperature,the suitable temperature is 70 centigrade.

This is the basic three step to keep youe silk tie looks nice. Hope it can help you. Thank you.

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