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How to choose the best man's dress
Apr 22, 2017

How to match the best man? Want to be a handsome man at the wedding, and won't grab the groom's limelight, the following look at the best men's dress color collocation skills.

How to choose the best man's bow tie color: 

1 do not completely according to the age of the color of the tie to choose, the trend to the wedding style and preferences are more reliable basis. 

2 do not be afraid of the pattern of the tie too fancy, only the tie in the shirt, suit than the lining to know the effect. 

3 don't give up the tie. Only personally feel its texture, in order to form a more accurate intuition. 

4 do not ignore the quality of the necktie. Hold the wide side of the tie in your hand for a moment, then let it go, gently pull it and see if it can be quickly restored to the level, without a break. 

5 do not ignore the seasonal factors, according to the season to enter the decision you have to choose the tie fabric. In general, the summer is suitable for the purchase of silk printing tie, spring and autumn for the purchase of yarn dyed fabric tie. 

6 don't be used with tie style bound, everyone needs to constantly break. 

7 tie pattern to contrast with the garment pattern, but not a hybrid, and the size of the pattern depth should have certain contrast, general dot pattern is more formal than the twill and Tartan tie difficult collocation, now rarely brought. 

8 tie the quality of the pros and cons, in essence, is not determined by the style and brand, the surface is dependent on the texture of the material and workmanship. 

The above is the best man with the introduction of color matching skills, hoping to help you.

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