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How to choice the tie ?
Dec 23, 2017

Tie is a good partner in the workplace men, a nice tie can give the whole body dress much more points. In fact, shirt tie with knowledge is also great. To match decent, really need type men spend some effort.

Young people should use lively, colorful tie, to increase the user's youthful vitality; for older people, you should choose a generous and generous style; and women should use plain tie.

At the same time, pay attention to tie with the shirt at the same time, should also pay attention to the coordination of shirt tie color, in order to increase the elegant and refined, the charm of double the good results.

Silver gray, white suit with red tie should be more eye-catching chic; red, purple suits with milk white tie elegant and luxurious; dark blue, dark green suit with yellow, rose tie reveals deep subtle temperament; brown, dark green suit with sky blue tie show elegant temperament.

Wear silver, white suit, suitable for wearing red, vermilion, dark green, sea blue, brown black tie, will give a quiet, beautiful, chic feeling.

Wearing red, purple suit, suitable for wearing white, milk yellow, silver, lake blue, green tie to show an elegant and luxurious effect.

Wear dark blue, dark green suit, suitable for wearing yellow, white, light blue, rose tie, so wear will give a deep, subtle beauty.

Wearing brown, dark green suits, suitable to wear sky blue, milk yellow, orange and yellow tie, will show a graceful elegant style.

Wear black, brown suits, suitable for wearing silver gray, white, blue, white and red stripes or blue and black stripes tie, it would seem more solemn and generous.

Business men most commonly used to wear is the shirt tie with the suit, no matter where no loss of grace, loved by people in all fields. The variety of shirts, shirts and ties to the close friends, only know how to use different shirt tie in different occasions collocation method, the use of color, the collision between the combination of lines to reflect the essence of your match, in order to reflect Your personal overall style, achievement quality man.


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