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How should men dress when they are invited to business banquets
Oct 20, 2017

How should men dress when they are invited to business banquets

Once a domestic company manager went abroad to promote their own business, the audience are well-known international investment company management personnel. The scene is formal. But the audience found on the table under the boss trousers revealing a cotton trousers edge, and the boss in black leather shoes is a pair of white socks. This dress is the loss in business situations. Can a manager like this manage his business well?  They immediately questioned the quality of the company.

If you are a man, you are invited to attend a business dinner. How are you going to dress?

Expert advice

Two piece suits are usually ideal clothing for business occasions.

Two piece suit: your occupation clothing should have at least two buttons, three buttons or double breasted suit. The double breasted suit buttons, including the inside of the button, should have been wearing a suit, buttons and fabric color should match.

The width of a suit's Lapel should be three or three inches and a half, and its wide or narrow lapel is easy to date. The trousers deconvolution is completely based on personal preference, but there should be no more formal suit.

A suit jacket is usually not worn with other trousers. Wearing a waistcoat adds a more formal atmosphere, but the price is more expensive. Choice of colors: navy blue, gray and iron gray are the colors of power. Plain blue means friendliness. Delicate fine stripes can add spice and change to your outfit.

Tie: the lower end of the tie should be longer and between the upper and lower edges of the belt or not shorter than the upper edge of the belt. Tie and suit color should be set off each other, but not exactly the same. Dark red, red and navy blue can be used as base color. The main colors and patterns should be exquisite and not eye-catching. The best choice is silk fabric, elegant and suitable for all seasons. The pattern can choose small geometric printing and stripes, with soft pattern scroll fabric is also good. When wearing a suit, shirt and tie, you should choose a single color or two patterns or two kinds of monochrome and a pattern of tie.

Belt: it should be made of leather or reptile skin. The color should be black, brown or dark red. The color of the belt should match with the shoe, and the belt buckle should be concise. Strap pants are acceptable.

Socks: long and Mid Calf socks, nylon socks or thin socks can be. Socks should be black, brown or navy blue. The color of the socks should be chosen to match or close to the trousers, while the exception to the khaki trousers should be matched with the shoes.

Shoes: choose lace or buckle leather shoes. The color of shoes should not be lighter than trousers. Black leather shoes can be gray, Navy or black suits, dark brown shoes with brown or beige suits, the effect is also good.

Suitcase and purse: suitcase should be cortical, brown, black or dark red can be. It's better to put your wallet in the front pocket of your suit. If the wallet is placed in the pocket behind the trousers, it will affect the wearing effect of the suit.

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