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How did the tie originate and match?
Oct 20, 2017

How did the tie originate and match?

The origin of tie

The middle of the seventeenth Century, France has a minister in the court, collar wearing a white scarf, hit a beautiful tie in front of Louis Xiv King praised, announced to tie for the noble symbol, and ordered the people to dress up so high soil. Thus, ties originated in europe.

Necktie, as an ancient traditional product, has always been an annotation for its noble status. A tie with exquisite workmanship and soft touch is a classic decoration for every man.

The scope of modern tie:

In today's social environment, the image of men is the first step towards success. Elegance, poise and warmth are the image requirements of civilized society for men. Tie as a part of men's clothing, fully reflects the rich connotation of neckties as clothing accessories, for the unique and deep inner world of male soil made the best image annotation. Therefore, tie in the long test of fashion today, with the rapid development of human civilization and aesthetic are constantly updated, with its unique spirit and personality is more and more popular with the men and respected.

Recognition of tie

The quality of tie does not depend on the style and brand, but the quality of the material depends on the quality of the material and the exquisite workmanship.

There are three methods for material identification:

(1) sign recognition related materials: fabric silk 100% silk 100% SILK 100%; SILK 100%; 100% POLYESTERI00% 100% polyester silk imitation; DACRON.

(2) the difference between vision and touch: silk soft, moist, delicate texture, color; silk color: shiny, dancing eyes, feel stiff and relatively heavy, dark colored polyester rather rough feeling.

(3) the difference between the thickness of material: silk with 14- - 16 momme is preferred; silk, polyester to feel good as appropriate.

Exquisite workmanship, identify five points:

1. The standard tie is made up of three segments, the total length is 145cM, and the angle is 45.

2. The surface is bright and clean, the flower shape is clear and symmetrical;

3. The back seam is perpendicular to the center;

4, the stitching of the consistency of the pattern;

5, the whole short strip fabric color difference is consistent or not.

The choice of tie collocation

Common collocation:

1, black suit, using silver gray, blue or red and white diagonal tie, appears solemn and generous, calm and steady;

2, dark blue, western, blue, deep rose color. The orange and brown tie is simple and elegant;

3, the milky white suit, using rainbow or brown tie, is very elegant, dazzling;

4, medium gray suit, with red brick. Green, yellow tie, men have a taste;

5, the blue Beige suit, brown tie, more xingjue style beautiful, graceful bearing.

The style and characteristics of necktie:

The common preparation stage of tie is: tie big head is right, small head is left, big head is upper, small head is lower, and the length of big head end is about 3 times of the length of small head, it is crossed in front of neck.

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