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High man and short man have different clothes
Oct 26, 2017

High man and short man have different clothes

Have you ever read fashion magazines or watch hanging in the store a large poster of imagination, if that suit is in his body will be noticeable as the Model, if you are honest answer is "yes", in addition to the outside we envy or to please and thank you for your mom and Dad, but if the answer is sorry that don't get frustrated because those models thanks to our group of the number, figure mediocre people, that they can eat. Because very few people can have impressive figure, even a hanger day, for men, although do not have to deliberately lose weight, but have a good body still need to rely on some auxiliary movement, a week I also want to go to a gym on the treadmill muscle, what, but please note know the right to wear to the modified body can also be a knowledge. The modified body dress method here is called achieving visual balance, so that people pay more attention to your strengths rather than your weaknesses. Here are a few basic principles of dressing:

Is too high:

1. Remind yourself to tuck your shirt or T-Shirt into your pants. If you don't like it all, then plug the front half. The reason is that when you pull the shirt or T-Shirt to the outside of the pants, it will only lengthen the upper body line, and the relative leg will be shorter.

2. Don't wear clothes with tops or coats over the length of the hip.

3, choose to wear more fitting clothes, so that the effect of elongated lines.

4, if you're an office worker, you can buy a diagonal stripe tie to make it look taller.

Too high:

You might think, don't you all want to be a little taller? How high is it? Yeah, yeah, in your print, there should be someone who's too high to make the whole body out of proportion:

1, don't wear too fitting clothes, unless you want to look like a bamboo pole standing there.

2, in the casual occasions, the shirt, shirt or T-Shirt pulled to the outside of the pants head, to truncate the visual extension effect.

3, try to choose a light color and soft tone collocation.

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