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From the necktie design into the clothing custom The Tie Bar ambition is a little big
Apr 22, 2017

The Tie Bar was founded in 2004, in the last year in Chicago to sell a small range of water in the water before the sale of the shirt, the clothing business has been immersed in the design and production of men's wear accessories accessories. After the success of last year's test in Chicago, the company decided to launch a series of quarterly shirts this month, online and offline sales will be synchronized. In addition, the brand plans in May this year, ~9 month in New York Madison Street opened a flash shop, providing customized service package.

In addition to the shirt, the The Tie Bar are still in the tie, tie under the category of SKU rich, and extends as a tie clip, towel, shoes, socks and even Cufflinks business men's accessories products.

As the The Tie Bra CEO Allyson Lewis, said that the extension of the product line is very necessary for the brand, selling shirts means that brands have the potential to grow into a professional men's brand rather than simply focus on ties and other accessories, on the other hand, extend the product line in response to this is to customer needs in this area. In addition to changes in the product, The Tie Bar will work hard in the service, will be opened in May to do the flash shop is doing business in this area, will be customized to put on the agenda, the test run in the flash store.

The first is the customization service. In terms of quality, the choice of Tie Bar The and imported fabric suppliers, in terms of pricing, the basic coat is the lowest price of $575, the lowest business package is $650. After the user orders, within 6 weeks can receive the product.

Secondly, in the flash shop, the user can also buy a one on the wardrobe consulting service. Professional modeling consultant to the customer to attend some important occasions, to participate in the interview, and other aspects of the proposed dress recommendations, or according to the customer's work characteristics of the proposed purchase of clothing. Of course, after consulting services for The Tie Bar, the rest is waiting for these customers to buy the store.

The Tie Bar in the sale of ties

Although the casual style heady, but The Tie Bar thinks he has accumulated a number of loyal customers, and there is still a great market space for the brand, they aim at not all men's market, only those every day, dress details in Western dress and leather shoes are strict in demands they need customers. To be sure, these users have a certain consumption power, and pay more attention to shaping the image, from trying to sell shirts again to test the waters of The Tie Bar customized services, want to do is to attract them to come in, took out his wallet.

As the tie into the market, the product line to expand the The Tie Bar want to do or a handful of business.

For the attention of the image to create the customer, the details must not be allowed to dress up. The idea of The Tie Bar is that it is precisely from these details to win critical customer trust, thereby increasing customer stickiness. For the traditional business men's clothing brand, accessories are often end product extension, "supplement", because not a major source of revenue, so in the design and production of all products is not popular, but The Tie Bar are designed, the personalized consumption power today, the accumulation of their own brand "fans" what is not difficult.

The Tie Bar reverse development, not only to avoid the market competition between the positive mature clothing brand, this "new" has also helped the company men's market in a short period of time to shape the brand image.

In addition, compared with women, men's customers prefer "one-stop shopping", like the sea orchid house propaganda "a year around the two sea orchid house, but The Tie Bar is not a simple way to enrich SKU. From accessories to clothing complete product portfolio + professional clothing consultant, to enter the clothing market The Tie Bar also seize the male consumer's lazy characteristics.

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