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Eight cautions of dressing a sedate man
Nov 16, 2017

Eight cautions of dressing a sedate man"

First, tights are sometimes synonymous with nudity

A writer once pointed out that the saddest page in the history of men's fashion is the invention of tights. Since the development of even more stretch tights and more slim, but the best use it as, with fashion, to keep warm and by cutting out the superfluous function.

Two, white suits should be dressed as occasions

Unless your body is impressive, with the graceful bearing, pick up strong self-confidence, otherwise only in Africa or in the Sahara desert. In many formal occasions, people are wearing dark clothing to show calm, pure white eye-catching glare will appear funny and embarrassing. Of course, in the wedding or sports occasions, the whole white dress is still decent and handsome.

Three, tie too long or too short are unsightly

Too short pressed shirts, like the necks of cords, and it seems a child tie; too long easy about sloshing, is not stable. Tie length should be the tip of the tie down touch belt to buckle is appropriate, is too high or too low for men, and can customize the right tie, to prevent improper tie length laughable.

Four. Don't put too much stuff in your pocket

Our common man chest pocket put smoke, even a pen and notebook, bulging, but tie, this dress is doomed to a lifetime of clerks and the fate of the pocket of the jacket trousers pocket as little as possible items, it is smooth and clean, graceful bearing.

Five, color and material avoid excessive youth

Successful men are not blindly chasing trends. At present, some fancy colors and cheap chemical fiber materials are popular again. Occasionally wearing them in casual places is ok. In the office occasions, you may as well wear formal clothing, precious materials, styles and even more sophisticated, will also give people a sense of calm and capable. Being too young will only detract from your prestige.

Six, do not deliberately use perfume

Clean hair fragrance, bath body smell is the best flavor of men's body. Do not deliberately perfume, you can use some perfume when washing clothes, by sunlight, the lighter fragrance more suitable for identity, better smell.  Diligence shampoo hair fragrance, frequently bath bath body breath is undoubtedly the most attractive man gas fragrance.

Seven. Ornaments are simple and exquisite

The whole clothing can match a little high-grade collocation of jewelry, too many accessories like spices, too much to swallow hard feeling, difficult to see. If the dress, it is best not to wear jewelry, even handbags and clothing should also be selected to match the varieties, such as a nylon woven portable, can be matched with the ordinary dress.

Eight, shoes should keep clean and bright all the time

Shoes are the feet of men, but they are most valuable. Keep your brightness and brightness at all times, a sign of your taste in clothes.

Tip: the easy to ignore the other side is the order of clothing: from the bottom up, from inside to outside, a person on a clean work clothes, if the underneath is a quality, style, workmanship and excellent pants, still can give extraordinary impression.

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