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Dress etiquette -- the choice of tie
Oct 12, 2017

Dress etiquette -- the choice of tie

When a man wears a suit, the most eye-catching one is usually not the suit itself, but the tie. Therefore, tie suit is called "touch points". A man with only one suit, often changing his ties, often gives him a fresh and refreshing feeling every day.

The tie belongs to men's accessories, so ladies don't wear neckties. A man's tie is better when he is wearing a suit. The tie is also called the soul of a suit". Wearing a suit, especially a suit, is often overshadowed by a tie without a tie. However, in the usual wear other clothing, such as coat, windbreaker, jacket, jacket, sweater, shirt and suit, tie is "pointless", in a state of disorder, need not seriously tie.

A suit is a man's formal dress, but a tie is worn without a tie. Given the crucial role played by men dressed in a tie in the decoration, landscaping, decoration, the standardization of the problems should be paid more attention to this point, no problem, even a small accident, also should avoid.

Tie choice

If you want to tie a tie, choose a tie first. The important problem of choosing a tie is its fabric, color, design, style and so on.

(1) fabric

The most elegant and authentic material for making neckties is silk. In addition to silk, nylon can also make neckties, but their grades are low. Ties made from other fabrics, such as cotton, linen, wool, leather, plastics, paper, pearls, etc., are mostly unsuitable for formal occasions.

(2) color

In color, the tie has a monochrome and multi-color division. A monochrome tie is suitable for official events and grand social occasions, and is most popular in blue, gray, black, brown, white and purple. Multicolored ties should not be more than three colors, can be used in all types of occasions. Colorful ties are not widely used. They are not used only when they are informal, social, and casual.

(3) pattern;

For formal occasions the tie pattern should be rules, traditions, the most common are inclined, horizontal, vertical, and square dots, rules of Suihua, they have a certain meaning. Ties with characters, animals, plants, flowers, houses, landscapes, weird and mysterious patterns apply only to informal occasions. With advertising, group identity, family emblem tie, don't mess with the best.

(4) style

The style of a tie, its shape, its appearance. Generally speaking, it is of narrow width, which is mainly influenced by the fashionable fashion. When choosing, it should be noted that the width of the tie is best proportional to the width of the body, not the contrast. It also has an arrow and a crew cut. The lower end of the former is inverted triangle, and is suitable for various occasions. Relatively traditional, the latter end for flat head, more fashionable, more suitable for informal occasions.

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