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Do you know what the suit is like?
Dec 19, 2017

Do you know what the suit is like?

You may tell me how many years you've been wearing and how many things you have put in the closet, but I guess you still don't know much about the suit. There are only a few pieces of advice that can be offered to you here.

Q: my face is rather dark. Salesmen who sell dark suits when they buy clothes tell me that light color will make me look darker, while the salesperson who sells light colored clothes thinks that light color can brighten my face and make me feel lost. Can you give me some specific suggestions?

A: for men with dark faces, the color of the suit can choose a light color system and a neutral color. The Chinese looks yellow, yellow, green, should choose less purple when choosing colors; can choose the deep blue series, dark gray color, warm neutral color can also be.

Q: I am very uncertain about the collocation of suits, shirts and tie, so I wear black or dark blue suit, white shirt and dark tie all the year round, but I really want to change in the image. Can I talk about the three color matching principles?

A: the main points of the suit, tie and shirt are visually comfortable and coordinated. Dark Plaid suit should not plaid shirts and plaid tie with stripes, plain, pattern shirt or tie is very beautiful. The collocation of a dark suit and tie, the collocation of a shirt can be a harmony and a contrast. A dark grey suit with a light red lattices tie and a white shirt. White and blue shirts are the mainstream colors chosen by men. It is boring to wear for a long time. If the contrast between tie color and shirt color is very good, the bright stripes, squares and patterns are pretty good. If any of the colors on the tie pattern can be the same as the shirt color, the effect will be better. The three parties should master the basic rules of aesthetics, and choose different collocation methods according to their own character and hobby and the nature of work.

Q: I'd like to try a brightly colored suit, and I think the collocation is too difficult, and I hope to get some advice.

A: the brightly colored suit is good for a light colored shirt and a dark tie, and the three are coordinated. Can also be shirt and tie with plain collocation, contrast suit. The pink suit is romantic and fashionable, and is more demanding for skin and body. For insurance purposes, it can be matched with dark trousers and dark shirts, and tights can also be matched or contrasted, such as lavender shirt, necktie with a bright pattern (such as tropical customs), and a certain color in shirt or tie should be similar to pink.

As for the white suits, trousers should keep the same color. The color of a shirt to light, such as yellow, pink, purple and blue can tie the same color should not be too deep, can choose bright colors, in harmony with the shirt.

What kind of suit is Q: popular now?

A: in recent years, western style clothing has a strong sense of sculpture and concise style. It's tailored and slender, fitted with high buttons, pull buttons, slightly waist closed, shoulder curves are natural and smooth, and fabrics are mainly wool and hemp.

Q: single - and double breasted suit what is the difference in style and dress?

A: Double Breasted suit worn at formal occasions as well, the double breasted suit to the solemn and formal sense, suitable for formal ceremonies and meetings; single breasted suit in place generally, as the occupation suit in life and leisure suits are advised.

Double breasted suit collocation is rigorous, can only be set, usually suit buttons must not be loosened, single breasted (such as leisure class) can be of different color collocation, even under the collocation.

Q: the nature of my work requires a suit in the office. Do I need to change my suit every day? How many sets are replaced at least one week?

A: the suit should be a necessary dress for the office of men, have more than the number of times, dress according to their own habits and dress, such as good conditions should be changed every day, can also be selected according to the day of events, if there is no enough suit, shirt and tie can also turn things, as long as the guarantee not for two days can be a face.  Know how to wear clothing culture can be more respected by others.

Q: how long is the life of a well - made suit?

A: good suits are of high quality in fabric, technology and type, and the combination of the three is also a brand guarantee. Good suit post production process cumbersome, hot iron, high pressure molding process requirements is very high, in the life and work should pay attention to nursing, every time they made the whole hot, dry cleaning, and keep the original shape, wearing seven or eight years also can care for early.

Q: I have suddenly become fat recently. I can't wear the suit I bought before. Do you have a way to change it?

A: now men have the most change in body weight, the waistline is thicker, the stomach is bulging, and the original suit is no longer suitable. If you meet this situation, you can only choose the new clothes according to their own changes. If you don't have a big change, if you change a suit that will change the original style of the suit, it will also make your image discounted.

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