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Buy tie selection skills for business
Aug 02, 2016

1. material: a high quality business ties should be made of silk or wool into. 2. color: from the aspect of color, tie with monochrome and color. In business, blue, gray, Brown, purple, monochrome tie is a very good choice. 3. Design: apply to business activities not wear ties, mainly monochrome non-patterned ties, or with stripes, dots, squares and other geometric shape as the main pattern of the rule ties. 4. style: tie styles tend to be about fashion. In this issue, the business sector should note the following two main points: one is the tie with an arrow and flat head of the points. Generally, for ties of the arrow at the lower end, is more traditional, formal; bottom for flat head tie, looks chic, casual. Second, the tie has a width of. In addition to other than to try to keep pace with the popular, as a general rule, tie width with my chest and jacket collar forming in proportion. 5. equipped with tie and Pocket scarf will sometimes be combined to complete sales. Used with tie Pocket towel, fabric, color and pattern should be the same. Both "debut", are mostly found in the social activities. 6. quality: a good tie, must have good quality. Its main features are: beautiful, smooth, no jumping, defect-free, wireless, lined with wool, flexible, draping crisp is heavy.

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