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Business ties and suits mix Essentials
Aug 02, 2016

Tie is a symbol of man strength status, social status, wealth. For the men who work in the business, on a high, the atmosphere, the level of business ties is very important, it will accompany you through the long time, distinguish between different finishing touch someone. For business men, business ties and suits are based on dress, how reasonable is to mix the two together? Now, prepared to share the collected information: 1, if it is a business meeting, we recommend that you select a width greater than 10 cm at the end of the tie. Because of the width of the tie is the key to your dress all day property. 2, selection of fabrics in silk because silk tie full of color, and not bright, can bring you business negotiations all day long enough Vitale! When you choose a color, try to skip unnecessary printing, keep the feeling of pure silk. Be sure not to select a quiet warm ties, should not be the prominent personalities of the time, calm atmosphere sky blue and dark purple can match.

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