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Attention to tie selection
Jul 29, 2017

Attention to tie selection


Do not depend entirely on his age to choose the color of the tie, the trend and his preferences are the more reliable basis.


Don't be afraid that the patterns on the necktie are too flashy. This season's tie emphasizes the overall sense of art, and is very ornamental and appreciative. Only when you wear a tie on a shirt or suit will you know the effect.


Don't give up the right to wear a tie. Only by feeling the texture of yourself can you form a more accurate intuition.


Don't neglect the quality of the tie. Hold the broad edge of the tie in your hand for a while, then release it, pull it lightly to see if it can be quickly restored, without any broken marks.


Don't ignore seasonal factors. Depending on the season to enter, you decide to choose the fabric for the tie. Generally speaking, the summer is suitable for buying silk printing necktie, and the spring and autumn season is suitable for choosing yarn dyed fabric and necktie.


Don't be bound by ties with his customary style, everyone needs to constantly Pojiulixin, bravely fashion information introduced to him, you will be most appreciative of his eyes and unique taste.

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