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A tie to map the Windsor knot of Windsor
Dec 29, 2017

[Windsor knot] what is Windsor knot and tie method to figure out what Windsor knot is Windsor knot

What is the Windsor knot

The Windsor knot is a symmetrical and large necktie knot. It is suitable for a wide collar shirt. Windsor the shortcoming which is not suitable with narrow collar shirt. If you use a thick tie, the Windsor knot that comes out will be too big.

Windsor knot

Windsor knot is also one of the four basic ways to tie a tie, which is generally used in business, political and other specific occasions. It is very beautiful and is a typical English style, and its steps are also the most complex in several of the most commonly used tie methods. The following is the tie method to illustrate the steps of the Windsor knot, for reference.

Windsor tie tie typing

The first step: preparation. The wide end (below called end) on the left, the narrow end (below called the small end) in the right. In the end, the small end in the post, in a cross shape.

The second step: end up the inside of the turn out from the collar region.

The third step: will continue to turn to the left end, that end around the small end of a whirl.

The fourth step: the big end from the inside to the right turn.

Fifth step: the right is the same as the left, around the small end of a circle.

The sixth step: organize the skeleton and tighten it.

The seventh step: turn from the front to the left and turn into a ring.

The eighth step: the main fold from the area inside.

Ninth step: fasten the tie knot, complete.


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