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A gift to a boyfriend
Dec 27, 2017

A gift to a boyfriend

1. Scarf - I'll love you forever

2. cups - a lifetime

3. pajamas - give you all of me

4. book - I hope to get your naive love

5. mirrors - you don't forget me; I want to get your heart

6. key decorations - I hope you're lucky

7. handkerchiefs - I'm waiting to break up and meet again

8. Purse - I'd love to be with you forever

9. belt - - hold you all your life

10 Razors - - you're a good matured man in my heart

11. lighter - - you're my first love

12. Watch - you and I have every feeling

13. tie your tie - - hold you up and keep you around me forever

14. Diaries - I want to cherish the memories of our two people

15. parachute - I want to protect you in any case; or the homophonic "scatter", let's break up

16. fans - homophonic "scatter", let's break up


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